Tenterfield Named as Top 50 Small Towns in Australia

21st September 2016

Discount My Flights has revealed the top 50 small towns in Australia, encouraging visitors to venture off the beaten path. The month-long competition, run by Discount My Flights and entered by Tenterfield Shire Council Tourism Officer, located the most “irresistible, exotic, historic and postcard-worthy small towns in Australia”.

Tenterfield has been included as one of 16 other towns in New South Wales. While some towns may not seem so ‘small’, to be eligible they had have a population of less than 200,000. Although some may question the merit of larger centres being included, it really is testament to Tenterfield’s character that we are up there with destinations which feature sweeping coastlines, airports and major tourist attractions.

Tenterfield’s national parks, history & heritage, food & wine, boutique shopping, four seasons and country hospitality all contributed to the town being included in the list.

MyDiscountFlights’ marketing manager Matthew Greenspan said the results come from a company survey sent to Australian destination marketing organisations, along with the input of travel writers looking at each location’s historical, cultural, geographical or natural significance. “We really want to help promote tourism in the area to destinations that most travellers don't go to often.”

Following Tenterfield being named by the Sydney Morning Herald as the ‘Best Heritage Town’, our recognition as a Top 50 Small Town is all a positive step in getting the word out about Tenterfield, and all it has to offer. Discount My Flights are promoting the Top 50 towns through newspapers, radio and television!