The beauty of Bald Rock

19th December 2013

Something unique is now rare to find.  But in Tenterfield Shire we truly do have something unique with Bald Rock.  It is one of our area’s greatest, most beautiful natural gifts.

Measuring about 750 metres long and 500 metres wide Bald Rock is the largest granite monolith in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. 

Whether you are staying in Tenterfield for a romantic short break, or for a family holiday, Bald Rock National Park should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

I have been living in Tenterfield for almost 18 months now and it still takes me by surprise that for much of my life living in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast I knew little of what was here.   All of this beauty, history and warm country hospitality was only on my doorstep and I genuinely had no idea.

A lesson I learnt almost immediately was don’t be surprised with what you might come across in this extraordinarily diverse place that we call Tenterfield.

Bald Rock National Park is 30km away from Tenterfield on the Mt Lindesay Road along a sealed road.  You turn into Bald Rock Access Road (also sealed) and travel for a further 5km before reaching Bald Rock Picnic Area. 

From the Picnic Area there a two marked tracks, a steep one up the exposed face or an easier gradient through bushland around the back.  The descent can be either steep or gentle depending on what you prefer.  The summit offers panoramic views which are truly extraordinary.

Every time I have climbed the rock I have taken the slow way up and the steep way down. About a 3 hour round trip all up.   I must admit, it is the way I would recommend. On the slow way up there are balancing rock arches and formations that you wind your way through.  Once you reach the summit it is nothing short of breath-taking.  To see our amazing country from this vantage point is truly humbling.  I would recommend this climb to simply everybody. 

Occasionally things in life make you stop and think and sitting on the top of Bald Rock is one of them.  The sheer size of the rock, the beauty and grandeur of the incredible Australian bush that surrounds it.  Your Bald Rock experience will stay with you forever.