Lanikai Camping Grounds

Lanikai Wildlife Refuge and Camping Ground offers 2,500 acres of declared Wildlife Refuge. Home to over 150 bird species, this idyllic location, with its breathtaking views of the Upper Clarence and 2 acres of lush gardens and Walking Tracks, is the perfect place for bird watchers, wilderness enthusiasts and naturalists looking for a an authentic wilderness experience. In the heart of the Upper Clarence region, 3 hours south west of Brisbane and 3 hours west of Byron Bay many rivers rush down to form the Clarence River on its long journey to the sea. Experience the fresh air and bushland scents, the vistas of tall trees clothing the ranges away to the horizon.

Some areas of Laniki are accessible by 2WD, more by 4WD but all is accessible by foot, such as our 3km of Clarence River frontage. Here the water holes, linked by rapids are home to platypus and waterbirds, while above Brushtailed Rockwallaby peer down from rocky outcrops.

Our 2km of Pretty Gully Creek, chuckling and gurgling in its narrow rocky bed, passes through eucalypt and rainforest on its way to join the Clarence, this is also walking country.

On the Camp ground a quiet observer may see honeyeaters, lorikeets, Glossy Cockatoo or Yellow Tailed Cockatoo among the Forest Oak, Tallowwood and Banksias. Redneck Wallaby graze by day, Rufous Bettong and Longnosed Bandicoot may visit by night.

Tariffs range from $10 to $10 AUD (Australian Dollars) Arrival Time 14:00   Departure Time 10:00

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Phone:02 6666 1272
Address:Paddys Flat Road
Tabulam NSW 2469