Cherrydale Orchards

Paul Savins has lived, worked and raised his family at Cherry Dale Orchard since 1981. A small family orchard, you can be guaranteed Paul and his family take care and pride in the fruit that is produced.

Located on the New England Highway 10kms south of Tenterfield, near the popular landmark Bluff Rock, The orchard is 925metres above sea level with an average rainfall of 850mm.

Open to the public in the months of November,December,January and February, with December being the peak month for cherries. Choose from over 20 varieties of cherries with numerous Apricot,Nectarine,Peach and Plum varieties available as well.

Opening Hours

November, December, January and February.

December is the peak month for cherries

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Phone:02 6736 2781
Address:8116 New England Highway
Tenterfield NSW 2372