Mingoola is situated west of Tenterfield and is a vibrant community in an area that depends on agriculture, wine and tourism. 

This small rural community is located on the Bruxner Highway, 57Km west of Tenterfield near the Queensland border. The dual name of the community – Mingoola/Mole River reflects the names that the area is known by, as it is in the Mingoola area and lies on the edge of the Mole River.

In the tobacco producing era of Australian agriculture, Mingoola was one of the major communities in this area (along with Ashford and Bonshaw), involved in high level production. A tour of the region will show many relics of this phase of Australian agriculture with many of the drying houses and other structures still clearly visible. 

In recent years, wine producing has become a growth industry in the area with two wineries. There other diverse businesses such as a native plant nursery, farm stay and a worm farm in the community as well.  

Mingoola is 16km from Glenlyon Dam which lies across the Queensland border. Glenlyon Dam is also known as Pike Creek Reservoir. In 1976, the dam wall was built on Pike Creek, a tributary of the Dumaresq River. Glenlyon Dam provides water for irrigation of grain and fodder crops and is a popular destination for water sports. There is a tourist park with full facilities at the dam.

Sundown National Park is 12km from Mingoola. The Broadwater camping area at the southern end of the park can be reached by conventional vehicle turning right at Mingoola. Sundown is a rugged wilderness area of spectacular sharp ridges and steep-sided gorges. The Severn River and its tributaries, woodland birds and the remains of pastoral and mining heritage can be discovered via maintained walking tracks or challenging remote walks.

Mingoola Hall & Mingoola Progress Association
Phone: 6737 5262

Mingoola Public School
Phone: 6737 5224
Website: www.mingoola-p.schools.nsw.edu.au

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Phone:02 6737 5262
Address:Bruxner Highway
Mingoola NSW 2372