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Bald Rock – GREAT.   Amazing Centre and helpful staff.  

Russ & Ros
1st December 2013

Love the area!  Great people here.  This is our 10th visit here.  Please don’t get “city!”

Claudia & Jim
20th November 2013

The Visitors Centre was the nicest visitors centre I have visited in Australia.  

Monika Pearson
4th November 2013

Beautiful climate

Mr & Mrs Griffiths
27th October 2013

Tenterfield keeps calling me back

R. Kavanagh
1st October 2013

Great Little town!

Margus Syramace
22nd September 2013

We loved Tenterfield – great people

Betty Hassen
26th August 2013

Brings the past back to life

Lisa MacDonald
27th July 2013

Always nice to see a welcome smile!

V. Russell
15th July 2013

Very impressed with the town and tourist officers. 

Jennifer & George Vignes.
14th July 2013

Beautiful friendly place

Eve Baker
16th June 2013

Magnificent part of the world. 

Rob & Leeona Harrison
5th June 2013

Lovely place.  Highly recommended!

Cher and Malcolm Tripp
17th May 2013

Beautiful town and country.  Beautiful helpful people. 

T. O'Brien
4th May 2013

Loved the avenue of Autumn Trees

Gina Dickson
15th April 2013

Wow!  In love with Tenterfield. 

Malcolm and Tracy Harm.
11th March 2013

Thrilled to be here.  Just a great place and great people. 

Felicity Hearnden
4th March 2013

On top of the world at Bald Rock National Park

Camping at Bald Rock National Park; photography by Paul Foley, supplied by Destination NSW

Happy Group on a 'Tenterfield Tour'

Picnic with Friends, Basket Swamp National Park; Photography by Peter Reid