Villages & Day Trips

Tenterfield is surrounded by various villages with their own unique personalities and characteristics. Well worth a visit, the stunning scenery, fascinating histories and interesting locals combine to provide a perfect opportunity for a day trip, or an alternate route from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. South, North, East & West there’s plenty to see.


Until the late 1900s, cattle and timber were Drake’s primary industries, as well as a campsite for wagons, drovers, bullock teams and settlers passing between inland and coastal rivers. A shanty village of hotels, boarding houses, churches, timber cottages and tents in the 1870s, gold was discove


Jennings is one of the twin towns of Jennings and Wallangarra which are divided by the railway station placed exactly on the border of NSW and QLD.

Named after the first Catholic Premier of NSW – Sir Patrick Jennings, this village has strong links with the Federation story where Sir Henry


Situated in the northeast corner of the Shire, the small progressive community of Legume offers visitors hospitality and charm for which country villages are renowned. A centrally located Community Hall offers visitor facilities, tennis courts and a general store and post office are close by. Dri


High in the mountains of the Great Dividing Range, Liston is surrounded by lush rolling hills, open pastures and natural bushland. To the east, the hills fall away to Rivertree, the headwaters of the Clarence River.

Liston was a key point on the old Cobb & Co coach route from Brisbane


Mingoola is situated west of Tenterfield and is a vibrant community in an area that depends on agriculture, wine and tourism. 

This small rural community is located on the Bruxner Highway, 57Km west of Tenterfield near the Queensland border. The dual name of the community – Min


Torrington has a broad range of activities for visitors including bushwalking and fossicking. Accommodation is available. When you arrive, purchase the local mud maps to help with visiting mining sites of Curnows, Dutchman, Scrubby Gully, Five Head Stamper and many more interesting sites.


Urbenville serves as the northern gateway to Tenterfield Shire. Originally known as Tooloom, this village was renamed Urbenville after Mr William Urben who was the first white child born at the Tooloom gold diggings. Situated at the headwaters of the Clarence River, Urbenville lies nestled under

The Upper Clarence

East and north east of Tenterfield, the land falls from the Great Dividing Range down through the forest-clad foothills to the upper reaches fo the Clarence River. This area features a great diversity of animals, birds, vegetation and 11 National Parks with eucalyptus forests and rainforests. Acc